Students Table of Contents
5000 Concept and Roles in Student Personnel
5112.4 Disenrollment
5113 Attendance and Excuses
5113.1 Permits to Work
5113.2 Truancy
5114 Student Discipline/Alternative Educational Opportunities for Expelled Students
5117 School Attendance Areas
5118 Non-Resident Attendance
5118.1 Homeless Children and Youth
5118.2 Educational Opportunities for Military Children
5119 Transfers and Withdrawals
5120 Student Progress
5121 Examination/Grading/Rating
5121.3 Cheating/Academic Honesty & Dis-Honesty/Plagiarism
5122 Assignment to Teachers and Classes
5122.1 Choice of Studies/Academic Load
5122.3 Assignment of Former Home-Schooled Students in Classes
5123.2 Summer School Work for Credit
5123.3 Graduation Ceremonies (Participation)
5124 Reporting to Parents
5125 Confidentiality and Access to Education Records
5126 Awards for Achievement
5129 Class Rank
5131.1 Bus Conduct
5131.111 Conduct: Video Surveillance
5131.3 Student Driving/Parking
5131.5 Vandalism

Drug and Alcohol Use By Students

5131.61 Chemical Health for Student Athletes
5131.81 Electronic Devices
5131.82 Use of Private Technology Devices by Students
5131.83 Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety
5131.9 Gang Activity or Association


Bullying Prevention and Intervention and Safe School Climate Plan
5132 Student Dress
5133 Behavior of Participants in Athletic Events
5141.21 Administration of Student Medications in the Schools
5141.26 Management Plan and Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies and/or Glycogen Storage Disease
5141.28 First Aid/Emergency Medical Care
5141.3 Health Assessments and Immunizations
5141.31 Health Assessments/Screenings
5141.4 Child Sex Abuse or Assault Response and Reporting
5141.5 Suicide Prevention and Intervention
5142 Student Safety
5142.1 Relations with Noncustodial Parents
5142.2 Safety: Student Dismissal Precautions
5142.3 Safety: Skateboard/Rollerblade/Rollerskate/Scooter and Other Such Recreational Equipment Use
5143 Cheating
5144.1 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students and Use of Exclusionary Time Out
5144.4 Physical Activity and Student Discipline
5145.1 Student Privacy
5145.12 Search and Seizure
5145.122 Use of Dogs to Search School Property
5145.14 On-Campus Recruitment
5145.4 Nondiscrimination
5145.41 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
5145.52 Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
5145.53 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth
5156 Research Involving Students
5157 The Pledge of Allegiance
5160 Educational Stability Procedures for Transportation Coordination with the Department of Children and Families