Community Relations
Community/Board Operation Table of Contents
1000 Concept, Goals, and Roles in Community Relations
1100 Communications with the Public
1110.1 Communications with the Public - Family & Community Engagement
1110.4 Media of Communication - Automated Calls/Text Messages
1112 News Media Relationships
1112.2 School News Releases
1112.6 Videotaping of Staff/Students
1120 Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings
1140 Use of Students
Communications with the Public
1170 Recognition of Students, Citizens, Staff Members, and Members of the Board of Education
1180 Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff
1210 School-Community Associations
1212 School Volunteers
1221 Citizens' Advisory Committees for the Board of Education
1240 Citizens' Assistance to School Personnel
1250  Visitors and Observations in Schools
1251 Loitering or Causing Disturbance
1260 Educational Foundations
1300.1 Community Engagement
1310 Relations Between Public and School Personnel
1311 Staff Participation in Community Life
1311.1 Political Activities of School Employees
1312 Public Complaints
1312.1 Complaints Concerning Categorically Funded Programs
1313 Gifts to School Personnel
1314 Solicitation of Funds
1315 Distribution of Materials to School/Personnel
1316.2 Civility
1321 Public Performances by Students
1323 Gifts to Students
1325 Advertising and Promotion
1330 Use of School Facilities
1331 Smoking/Tobacco Products in School Facilities
1332 Assignment of Personnel to Cover School Events/Activities
1340 Access to School Procedures and Materials
1350 Senior Citizens' Benefits
1411 Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies
1413 Health Department
1414 Relations with Welfare/Youth Services Department
1416 Fiscal Authority
State/Federal Government
1450 Sexual Offenders
1500 Relations Between Area, State, Regional & National Associations, and the Schools
1600 Relations Between Non-Public and other Educational Organizations and the Schools
1630 Correctional Schools
1660 School Business Partnership
1700 Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property
1820 Pool Safety Plan
1900 Discrimination Complaints (Community Members)